Polyethylene (PE) Film

Polyethylene (PE) Film

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  • 3920.10
  • Transparent
  • 9002-88-4
  • PE Film
  • 25 kg / Bag
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Brief Overview

Polyethylene Film (shortened to PE Film) is a thin plastic sheeting most often provided in rolls that exhibit excellent tape adhesion and lightweight durability. PE film is commonly used as a protective barrier in applications such as concrete and mortar, exterminating, pest control among others. PE Film is resistant to water, rot, wrinkles, and chemicals,  it can be reused and stands up to UV degradation for several years.

Manufacturing Process

The process for making polyethylene film and bags is called extrusion. This plastic film manufacturing process starts with melting down polyethylene resin, which is later pushed into a special tube. Later it is filled with air that stretches the plastic to the desired thickness. It is then cooled and removed from the tube to be rolled into a film.



PE Film is commonly used as a laminate on windows, and other various surfaces, which makes them more sturdy and waterproof. 


PE Film is used as a packaging material for various industries. 


It is used as a covering of greenhouses which protects the plants against pests, birds and influence of the environment.

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